We are getting close to our annual Spring shipment to Norton. For those who might not be aware, let’s learn where our donations are going. Norton is an independent city located in the far west tip of Virginia in Wise County. As of the 2020 census, the population was 3,687, making it the least populous city in VA. The median household income in Norton is $30,518 with a poverty rate of 29.1%. (The median household income in Chesapeake is reported as
$85,563.) Wise County is the third lowest-earning county in Virginia.
Our support of this county began over 30 years ago when a member of our parish kept having a repetitious dream that somewhere someone needed his help. On a family trip to visit family in Kentucky, rumor has it he got lost and wound up in Norton. He met two nuns who were operating an assistance program. The need was great! At that point the collections were primarily clothing and were taken to Norton once a year in a couple cars. Over the years that process has progressed to our being able to send two tractor-trailer loads per year. The overly generous donations of a truck, a trailer and a driver form Hampton Roads Moving & Storage, Vico Construction and Glover Transport makes those two trips possible. It also can not go without mentioning the team of folks who voluntarily pick up donations all year long; and, then, twice a year load two huge trailers. This team can always use more hands!
The nuns are no longer on the scene. The organization we deal with, Family Crisis Support Center, operates a men’s’ shelter, a women’s’ shelter, a group home, a battered women’s’ shelter and four thrift stores. All this in addition to straight handouts to those whose home has burned, or the refrigerator stopped working or an elderly family member needs a place to stay; and there’s no money to buy anything extra.
As stated earlier, we are close to our typical April shipment. So, as you do your Spring cleaning or downsizing or purging – whatever you call it – remember our brothers & sisters in Norton.
Anything you have/use in your home they’d love to have in theirs. They just probably can’t afford to purchase it. Whether it’s furniture, appliances, dishes, bed linens, towels, books, toys… If it’s gently used and still has some life left in it, please call about donating. We can pick things up or help you bring it to where it needs to go. Call Kathy at 757 376-7160.
Stay tuned for details in April about when and how you can help get all the donations from the storage units and into the trailer.
Bottom line – we do all this because of what it says in the gospel of
Matthew 25:35-46.